I can vaguely remember those mornings when I would wake up and look out the window and see a thin layer of snow over our yellow-colored dead grass in the front yard. (We lived in Texas, so the slightest bit of snow meant the end of normal functionality.) I would rush downstairs to turn on the news — not that I knew what channel that was, it just somehow magically turned on — and watch the scrolling words at the bottom. I would watch as the schools and businesses would scroll at the bottom, just praying that my school would be on this list of the chosen ones and I would be able to run outside and make one or two mediocre snowballs before that got boring and then spend the rest of the day inside watching TV. 

I don’t think there was a better feeling at that stage of my life than waiting through the alphabet only to see my school scroll by. It was like freedom. It was like Christmas morning mixed with my birthday mixed with those days we would go to the movies and be allowed to order popcorn, drinks, AND candy. It was the best feeling.